Us economy research papers

In Q3the U. Department of the Treasury declined to name China a currency manipulator in its October currency report, but kept China on a monitoring list, citing its significant trade surplus with the United States. Closer ties with China may reduce U. In Augustthe U.

Us economy research papers

June 27, Macroeconomics Project. Over the past ten years to the US economy underwent various changes. The paper summarizes such major changes by observing various economic indicators and makes proper forecasts. The US GDP or the gross domestic product that is calculated by summing up consumption, government spending, investments, export and subtracting imports is calculated by the BEA bureau of economic analysis and available at http: The nominal GDP increased from At the same time the real GDP exhibited more modest growth from From the website one finds out that the GDP rate of change increased on average by 5.

From the summary table available in the appendix section one can see that on average the rate of inflation was about 2. In the inflation rate was around 1.

The unemployment rate is found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics http: The current unemployment rate is 7. In other words it shows the most liquid cash that there is on hand in the nation. M1 changed from billion in to billion inwhich is more than doubled.

M2 changed from billion in to in Analysis From the information presented in earlier in the paper one can make some important conclusions and observations about the status quo of the US economy and its prospects. The real GDP as noted earlier did not show such dramatic increase as the nominal GDP meaning that the US government relied heavily on inflation in its monetary policy to regulate the economy, its growth and development.

The overall US economy changed positively over the chosen time period it grew most of the time except for when both the real and the nominal GDP declined. Following that time period the US economy quickly recovered and in already surpassed the figures.

Economic Policy Research Paper Series As a social science that primarily deals with the social aspect of the production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services — its theories are widely used in business, government and finance operations. As an applied science, economics is very dynamic.
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One should note that the real GDP fell in which nominal GDP did not meaning that in when the US economy started to slow down the government-led monetary policies and inflation means to stimulate the economy had effect only on nominal GDP.

Consumer price index showed some other interesting information. It shows the inflation or the way prices change usually increase.

Us economy research papers

Subsequently, in when the economic crisis hit the USA and the GDP both real and nominal fell the companies in order to make at least some profit started to lower prices which contributed to deflation CPI minus The current CPI of around 1. The Unemployment rate shows the amount of the unemployed Americans yet in reality is also shows how well the economy functions and what amount of consumption one can expect.

The unemployment is better understood in relationship to other economic indicators. In the years to the rate fell from 5.

Us economy research papers

It hinted that the companies were having difficulty making profits so they started laying off people. In the unemployment rate increased to 9.Staff Working Papers provide a forum for staff to publish work-in-progress research intended for journal publication.

Our People Profiles of the Bank’s economic research staff, featuring sections on their publications, education, and research interests. The Institute's research is interdisciplinary, incorporating concepts from fields including history, political science, psychology, the physical sciences and the humanities.

Research Papers. “Dualism” in the structure of production across sectors of the US economy, employment by sector, productivity levels and growth, real wages.

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Louis Fed economists. US-China Investment news financial markets news about Chinese and US economy, stock markets, investments, research papers.

ERI provides information on compensation data, compensation benchmarking, salary surveys, incentives by geographic area, cost of living and industry. Robots and Jobs: Evidence from US Labor Markets Daron Acemoglu, Pascual Restrepo. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in March NBER Program(s):Economic Fluctuations and Growth, Labor Studies As robots and other computer-assisted technologies take over tasks previously performed by labor, there is increasing concern about the future of jobs and wages.

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