Unemployment satire

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Unemployment satire

Irruptions of the popular will have on innumerable occasions reshaped history, remade the terrain of class struggle such that the ruling class was, at least for a moment, thrown on the defensive and forced to retreat.

Especially when pundits and politicians are insisting on the virtues of centrism and the essential conservatism of Americans, it is important to remember just how false these shibboleths are, particularly in a time of economic stagnation and acute social discontent.

Despite essentially no press coverage and extreme hostility from the business community and the Roosevelt administration, a mass movement developed behind this bill that had been written by the Communist Party. The tremendous popular pressure that was brought to bear on Congress secured a stunning victory in the spring ofwhen the bill became the first unemployment insurance plan in U.

It was defeated in the House—by a vote of to 52—but the widespread support for the bill was likely a factor in the easy passage later in of the relatively conservative Social Security Act, which laid the Unemployment satire for the American welfare state.

This bill, which was far more radical than provisions in the Soviet Union for social insurance, was endorsed by over 3, local unions and the regular conventions of several International unions and state bodies of the American Federation of Laborpractically every unemployed organization in the country, fraternal lodges, governmental bodies in over seventy cities and counties, and groups representing veterans, farmers, African-Americans, women, the youth, and churches.

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In the West, the South, the Midwest, and the East, millions of citizens signed petitions and postcards in support of it. And this was all despite the active hostility of every sector of society that had substantial resources.

For instance, in his book Voices of Protest: The American People in Depression and War. Brinkley sums up this strain of thinking derived from the postwar Liberal Consensus school of historiography, which still influences pundits, politicians, and academics: The failure of more radical political movements to take root in the s reflected, in part, the absence of a serious radical tradition in American political culture.

For one thing, there is a serious radical tradition in American political culture, as embodied, for example, in the Populist movement of the s and the Socialist Party and IWW of the early twentieth century.

When they have a chance to get their message out, they attract substantial support—precisely to the extent that they can get their message out. There is no need to invoke deep cultural traditions of individualism or a lack of popular understanding of class which is a simple notion, after all: One need only appeal to the skewed distribution of resources, which prevents leftists from being heard.

When Earl Browder, head of the U.

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Maybe this is why Communists were almost never allowed on the radio. Later iterations of the bill went into greater detail on how the system would be financed and managed.

Bywhen the plan had become widely enough known to be critically examined by economists and other intellectuals, it was frequently criticized for incentivizing malingering.

Defenders of the bill—and by then it was advocated by many left-wing economists, teachers, social workers, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals—replied that this supposed flaw was, in fact, a strength.

By withdrawing workers from the labor market, it would force wage rates to rise until they at least equaled unemployment benefits. The Unemployed Councils were at the forefront of agitation for the proposed bill, but it was also publicized through other auxiliary organizations of the Communist Party, in addition to activists in unions.

So activists continued drumming up support for the next few years. Hunger marchers in many states demanded that legislatures pass versions of the bill; two national hunger marches the Communist Party organized in December and gave the bill further publicity; delegates periodically presented more petitions to Congress, and campaigns were organized to mail postcards to legislators.

Despite the fervent hostility and smear campaigns of the national AFL leadership, several thousand local unions eventually endorsed the bill, especially after it had been sponsored, inby Representative Ernest Lundeen of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party.

Its newfound national prominence in that year gave the movement greater momentum, and a new organization was founded to lend the bill intellectual respectability: Within a year the IPA had dozens of chapters and organizing committees around the country, as distinguished academics like Mary Van Kleeck of the Russell Sage Foundation proselytized for the bill in the press and before Congress.

Meanwhile, conferences of unemployed groups grew ever larger and more ambitious. For instance, in Chicago in Septemberhundreds of delegates from such groups as the National Unemployed Leagues, the Illinois Workers Alliance, the Eastern Federation of Unemployed and Emergency Workers Union, and the Wisconsin Federation of Unemployed Leagues—in the aggregate claiming a membership of ,—endorsed the Lundeen Bill as it was now called and made increasingly elaborate plans to pressure Congress for its passage.

Congress took essentially no action on the bill inso Lundeen reintroduced it in January During the Great Depression, arguably a majority wanted the U. What most Americans wanted, witnesses insisted, was the more universal plan embodied in the Lundeen Bill.

Unemployment satire

Interestingly, most congressmen on the subcommittee were sympathetic to this point of view.Satire, as defined by Google is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people 's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

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Unemployment (Satire) All the president's horses, and all the congressmen. Couldn't solve unemployment, fighting like a territorial hen.

It seems the jobs had left, flown off in great flocks. To faraway places like China, and other communist blocks. Pumping money didn't work.

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The White House – (grupobittia.com) On his national address scheduled for later in the day from the White House the President is ready to unleash his latest plan to thwart ISIS and radical terrorism by increasing American unemployment to reduce the amount of workplace violence blamed for the recent bloodbaths around America!

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