Modern project manager

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Modern project manager

People from many walks of life are now routinely called on to be members of project teams and are often asked to assist with or assume the role of Project Manager.

And no one is more surprised than these new inductees to the world of professional Project Management. Interest in the topic is reaching new heights with no sense of decline in sight. That makes this a perfect time to reflect on what modern Project Management has become and why it is such a critical issue for business organizations of all types.

Project Management is a discipline for planning, leading, organizing and controlling a well-defined collection of work. This discipline must be repeatable and explainable.

Modern project manager

It is not an art form invented by each practitioner, nor is it a science with explicit formulas and rules. What is a project? A project is a discrete effort comprised of a planned set of work activities applied against a specific scope Modern project manager yields a well-defined final product or process.

Simply, projects are the life-blood of an organization. They provide the vehicle to plan, create, enhance or maintain products and services for internal and external customers. Projects are not just used to create something new, they are also necessary to retire existing products or services.

Projects may be grouped into three major classes: Continuing Efforts Many traditional organizations were founded on performing a very stable set of processes in a highly repetitive and consistent manner.

They are called Continuing Efforts because they change little from day to day. The strength of these projects is in their stability and predictability. The core concepts of Project Management were created specifically for Continuing Efforts.

Born from Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, this bias is easily seen in the highly granular planning documents and risk assessment methods that require predictability.

Traditional Project Management techniques were and still may be used to identify the optimum performance of ongoing or operational processes. While these projects continue to add significant value to many organizations, new investments for products and services are increasingly targeted toward Single-Time Efforts.

And organizations are finding significant differences between the two types of projects. Single-Time Efforts Modern organizations are discovering that the majority of their attention must be given to projects that will be done only once within a reasonably short period of time.

These Single-Time Efforts are intended to meet the needs of demanding customers and a dynamic, competitive business environment.

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Single-Time Efforts begin with a large number of unknowns and require a substantial discovery process. Each Single-Time Effort concludes in a unique or highly customized result that is produced by a unique collection of people using new methods and often unfamiliar technology.

Examples of Single-Time Efforts include moving an organization to a new location, creating a new customer product, changing an existing customer product, acquiring new technology or installing a new software product.

They lack the absolute precision and predictability of Continuing Efforts but also work within a realm of reasonable knowns.

These projects are often seen when organizations standardize specific practices to promote consistency. They include construction, surgical procedures, operational guides and maintenance activities. The Differences All three project types tend to exist simultaneously in most organizations.

On the surface, it would seem that solid Project Management training could then be applied universally across the project types.

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The problem, however, is the natural characteristics of each type are often diametrically opposed to the realities found in another type.The most common question I get asked related to roles on agile teams is around what becomes of the traditional role of the project manager or the business analyst..

The question comes up because agile projects have only three roles: the Scrum Master, the product owner and the development team member. In other courses, such as Fundamentals of Project Management and Introduction to Modern Project Management Theory and Practice, you will dive into the philosophy of sound project management and learn how to apply them in real-world situations.

Modern Project Management By Chuck Tryon. Once the exclusive domain of engineering disciplines, Project Management has moved onto business’ Main Street. People from many walks of life are now routinely called on to be members of project teams and are often asked to assist with or assume the role of Project Manager.

project management to Henri Fayol’s () five functions of a manager: (1) to plan, (2) to organize, (3) to The origin of the modern project management concept started between s and s. During this time, Project Management & building project.

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Many groups adopting an agile development approach fail in ways that can be traced back to the missing project manager role. In other words, they didn't understand what good project managers do in .

Modern project manager
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