Mapping a business system

Recent developments[ edit ] Process mapping has overlapped with software development incorporating tools that can attach metadata to activities, drivers and triggers to provide some automation of software process coding.

Mapping a business system

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This wall-sized graphic display, when drafted at the right level of detail, can support energetic discussion and strategic decisions about opportunities for improving performance and priorities for investing in under-performing functions, processes, or business units.

Objectives We recommend drafting an initial organization map when senior managers recognize the potential for Six Boxes Performance Thinking as a business acceleration strategy and want to identify critical areas for attention. Using Organization Mapping enables executives to: Working with us, she conducts interviews with stakeholders to develop a draft organization relationship map and possibly one or more cross-functional process maps.

We then work with senior executives during Organizational Performance Strategy Planning to identify where in the organization investments in performance improvement are likely to produce the most valuable returns, and how.

Managers typically walk away with a list of actionable opportunities for improvement. For more detail, contact us.Territory Mapper was specifically designed to accomplish the tedious, time-consuming task of mapping, realigning and managing all of your territory definitions and up to 4 levels of hierarchy.

The software was created by TTG, Inc.

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and is the result of over 25 years of experience in creating and realigning territories. Geocoding System. The FFIEC Geocoding/Mapping System (System) helps financial institutions meet their legal requirement to report information on mortgage, business, and farm loan applications. Learn 6 steps to business process mapping.

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Mapping a business system

Only with business process reengineering, will an ERP project deliver meaningful value. Learn 6 steps to business process mapping.

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Read on. The purpose of the ERP system is to automate certain business process according to the “To Be” maps. List of all publicly accessible GIS Mapping Applications. NDDOT Maps Paper Maps.

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Purchase county, city, and state of North Dakota maps as well as county and city atlases. Search by county, city, state, and hunting units. "The Tactician system has allowed us to manage our franchise territories and run demographic reports for applicants with ease." "We have had nothing but great experiences with Tactician and their staff.".

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