Crisis in australian film industry

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Crisis in australian film industry

Thus exploring the loss of Jobs, the lack of Australian films being produced, and most importantly the erosion of a sense of national identity that Australians gain through Australian cinema.

There is a common misconception that the strong Australian dollar benefits the economy Boded M, However for the Australian film industry this is not the case, the Australian dollar has risen to a 28 year high Dingle S, so it is justifiable to say this has significantly contributed to the crisis in the industry.

Therefore, due to the strong dollar the film industry is in a lose-lose situation further deepening the crisis it is faced with. This is because international films being produced in Australia are significantly more expensive; hence Australia cannot remain competitive in the global market.

This three-year drought in international film production in Australia exemplifies the importance of a particular economic climate in order to attract overseas production in Australia and to lead to a successful Film Industry.

The strong Australian dollar has significantly reduced the amount of international films being produced in Australia in recent years. This has led to a chain of inopportune circumstances, further elevating the extent of the crisis. Due to the lack of international film production in Australia there is significant lull in Jobs in the film industry.

The current situation in the industry can be labeled as a crisis as production companies are cutting staff to reduce costs and then the advertising and television Dingle S, Production in Australia also creates employment through the use of stunt doubles, extras and film crew. The lack of overseas production will therefore result in limited Job opportunities in the industry.

Therefore the strong dollar has a negative impact on the economy through the perspective of the film industry, as there are higher unemployment rates.

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Ultimately the Australian film industry needs to position themselves differently within the current economic climate and market place to gain some sort of benefit from the current economic climate Hear G, Ryan M D, Economic factors contributing to the crisis in the industry can arguably be eliminated by political decisions.

The Australian Government has failed to introduce adequate tax incentives to attract foreign film production in Australia, which is further stabilizing the current economic climate Hear G, Ryan M D, Thus questioning the feasibility of introducing a tax incentive and its ability to seize the crisis in the Australian Film industry.

Through exploring past tax incentives, it is evident that tax incentives do not cause enduring improvement to an industry.

The Australian film industry cannot control the external factors that are contributing to the crisis in the industry, however the; industry, government and Australian public need to recognize the issues in order to salvage the industry and eliminate the factors that labels it as in a crisis. A brutal film on the culling and commercial exploitation of kangaroos, labelled a misleading "beat-up" by farmers, has sparked an all out war between activists and those involved in kangaroo. The Turkish lira fell sharply to its lowest level ever on worries about Ankara’s economic stability, sending tremors through Europe and emerging markets amid renewed jousting between the country.

Through investigating past tax incentives, it is seen that incentives fail to create stability, through this the extent of the crisis is recognized by showing that tax incentives will not cease the crisis. The success or failure of the Australian Film Industry is often based on the box office success.

This indicates that basing the success of the Australian Film Industry on box office figures is not necessarily a viable source as the Box Office only indicates a films profit made in cinema. Therefore can it be Justified hat the Australian Film industry is not in crisis, but purely the unfavorable economic notion, however the industry can be recognized as being in a crisis by the lack of drive for Australians to view Australian films in cinema, therefore Australians are becoming deprived of a sense of national identity achieved through Australian film Hear G, Ryan M D, Australia's most trusted source of local, national and world news.

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Crisis in australian film industry

The remaster features the original artwork and credits plus lyrics to all of the songs. The Australian film industries' struggle has been heightened by the strong dollar making it less competitive on the global market. The industry says it needs foreign productions to be brought to Australia and tax incentives need to increase.

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