Comparingcontrasting the replies of chinese essay

At the early barbarism period, humans and other animals drink and eat only in their instincts. However, when human beings began to use fire to cook raw food materials, human beings began to get into a real civilization. Especially cooking with the pottery, food products had become a wisdom and skill of human creation. Therefore, the history of the human diet becomes to a history of human being adaptation the nature, conquer and transform the nature in order to achieve their own survival and development, and the process of history become to the human food culture gradually.

Comparingcontrasting the replies of chinese essay

The Qing seemed uninterested in any foreign gains to be made due to this superior view of themselves. Emperor Qianlong believed that both China and foreign governments had little to gain though trade. China has long had a policy of isolation from western powers, to the extent that a force of anti-foreign nationalism arose to the forefront for the majority of Chinese modern history.

However, today China has entered a period of modernization and westernization, by no longer excluding the Western influence through political and economic isolation. Although Qianlong had pursued an economic policy of isolation in the latter half of the 18th century some ports were open to foreign trade during certain periods of the year.

During these time periods the Chinese experienced equal trade rights with the West. As a result of the growing demand for Chinese teas, porcelain, silks, and decorative goods in the West, trade began to soar. Accordingly, since the idea of anti-foreign nationalism and ethnocentrism proposed the West had nothing of manufactured value to China, the trade conducted was in exchange for silver.

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In effect, China had a surplus balance of trade. The west, namely Britain, knew that in order to stop silver from leaving their country they had to find a trading good that China would accept in exchange for the teas, and silks.

However, in the Chinese government prohibited the sale and use of opium as they came to realize the harsh effects the drug had on the population, and the hindering effect it posed on trade.

Comparingcontrasting the replies of chinese essay

The onset of the Opium War sparked years later as British merchants refused to stop selling the opium to the Chinese. Unequal treaties were forced upon the Chinese, opening more ports in China, ultimately favoring British trade, while making China merely a trade tool of the West.

Nonetheless, prior to the Opium War we saw that with equal trade rights China had vast amounts of economic prosperity when partnered with the West. This suggests that China did have much to gain through trade with the West, and if today in the modern world China were to poses equal trade rights with the West they again would prosper.

Westerners have continually attempted to infiltrate East Asian countries strict foreign policies and conservative views. Both Korea and China saw the West as a threat to their sovereignty, culture, and way of life, and decided to play out a policy of isolation.

Ever since Commodore Perry arrived on the coast of Japan their culture, economic strength, way of life and standard of living has flourishing.

Comparingcontrasting the replies of chinese essay

Japanese dominance in East Asia arose immediately, as not only an economic and cultural heart, but also a military power that would now lay threat to Korea, China and Russia. Indeed, we must infer that if nations such as China and Korea had the open arms policy that Japan adopted they too would have emerged as economic and military powers prior to the WWII, allowing for them to resist the imperialistic expansionism that Japan posed threat to in the first half of the 20th century.

Indeed, it seems as though Chinese scholars recognized this as Social Darwinism became popular in the 20th century.

While China sat back and witnessed the growth and dominance of Japan through their plentiful steps in modernization during the late 19th and early 20th century, Chinese scholars began to question Confucianism, and their culture as a whole.essay translate: (尤指学生写的作为课程作业的)短文;论说文;小品文,散文, 企图;尝试.

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Similarities include, both of the civilizations flourished during this classical period of their history in various ways.

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