Column writing and its various types of communication

Business Communications businesscommunicationformalinformalnonverbaloralverbalwritten admin Communication Communication is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through speech, signals, writing, or behavior. Types of Communication People communicate with each other in a number of ways that depend upon the message and its context in which it is being sent. Choice of communication channel and your style of communicating also affects communication.

Column writing and its various types of communication

Types of Business Reports in Business Communication The business reports are classified on many basis. Such types of business reports are briefly explained. They are ordinary or routine reports and special reports. Ordinary or Routine Report Ordinary reports are prepared and presented before the managing director at specific intervals or to the next authorized person in the business routine.

The reports shall be submitted either daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

This type of report contains mere statement of facts in detail without any opinion or recommendation of the reporter. Special Report This type of report is prepared and presented before the top management on specific request. It usually contains the opinions or recommendations of the reporter with the help of facts and arguments.

Examples for special report are opening of branch, introducing a new product, Improving the quality or changing the shape or size of the product and the like.

Reports on the Basis of Legal Formalities The reports are classified into two types. They are formal report and informal report.

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Formal Report Formal report is prepared in a prescribed format and presented before the competent authority in an established procedure. Reports submitted by officials or committees of constituted bodies example: Companies, Cooperative SocietiesLocal Bodies etc. Informal Report Informal report is prepared in a format of the convenience of the reporter and presented directly before the required person as and when demanded.

An informal report is presented as in the form of letter or memorandum. Generally, it takes the form of a person to person communication. The formal reports are classified into two types. They are statutory report and non-statutory report.

Reports on the basis of Function The reports are classified on the basis of function into two types. They are informative and interpretative.


Informative Report An informative report is prepared and presented with the help of available information at the maximum with regard to an issue or situation.

Interpretative Report An interpretative report is not only contains the facts, views and opinions of reporters and others but also includes the causes for an issue or an event and required remedial action with recommendations.

Reports on the basis of meetings Whenever a meeting is organized in any business organizationa report is prepared by the secretary or any other individual about the proceedings of the meeting.

Such reports are classified into two types. They are Verbation Report and Summarized Report. Verbation Reports A verbation report is a complete word by word record of all discussions made at a meeting. For example, Appointment of an Auditor. A resolution is passed in the meeting.

Likewise, Directors are appointed and the remuneration and perquisites of key personnel are fixed by passing a resolution. In this case, a report is prepared by including the verbation record of the resolutions passed with the names of the proposers and seconders, manner of voting and results.

However, the verbation report should not be confused with the minutes of the meeting which is the official record of the proceedings and the decisions arrived at in the meeting.

Summarised Report A summarized report is prepared with the help of the essential details discussed in the meeting. This type of report is prepared for sending to the press or to shareholders of the company or members of the institution.

column writing and its various types of communication

Reports on the basis of Nature of the Subject dealt with The following reports are included in the report which are classified on the basis of the nature of the subject dealt with.

Problem Solving Report A problem may arise in any one of the department or in the whole organization.For the final report in some technical-writing courses, you can write one of (or even a combination of) several different types of reports.

If there is some other type of report that you know about and want to write, get with your instructor to discuss it. Types of Written Communication There are two main types of communication: oral and written. Written communication involves any type of message that makes use of the written word.

Module’2:’Written’Communication’’ 1’ Most jobs require that you communicate in writing. You will write down phone messages, leave notes for your co-workers, post a notice, and reply to email inquiries. Your job may even be to write business letters to external customers.

In journalism, a column is a recurring feature by the same author in a newspaper, magazine or website. In contrast to objective news stories, columns are characterized by voice, personality and opinions of the writer.

The writer can be a journalist or an expert in the particular field about which he or she is writing. There are four main types of communication: written, verbal, nonverbal and visual.

column writing and its various types of communication

Written communication includes email, signs, letters, magazines, books and anything else transcribed into typed or handwritten words. the largest technical writing organization, a 25, member professional organization; sponsors a contest to recognize excellence in technical communication Two different types of technical writers: Technical communication professionals and those professionals who write as part of their jobs.